Protect Your Brand. Support Your Team.

Layoffs Aren't Fun

Your team has helped you build your business and when a reduction in force is on the horizon, it's time for you to take care of them. Protect your brand image and long-term business reputation by doing the right thing.

With our industry leading outsourcing platform, you have the opportunity to take care of your transitioning team while maximizing your cost savings. 

Our outplacement program is contract free, based on employee use count and allows your team to improve their marketability, resume, LinkedIn profile and job search skills while engaging with our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers and Industry Certified Career Coaches.

Why A Players Outplacement?

 Our dedicated team of industry experts lessen the burden before, during, and after a rightsize. 

Our innovative digital career platform provides a customized solution that delivers value to your transitioning team and stakeholders.

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Our Outplacement Service Will Drive Your Team Forward

Engage Transitioning Staff


Show your staff you care by providing 24/7 access to coaching  videos, how-to guides and live virtual mentoring to drive their progress.

Faster Results & Lower Costs


 Higher employee marketability leads to faster job offers, saving you thousands in unemployment draw-downs per employee.

Exceed Staff Expectations


On our career development platform, transitioning employees learn how to manage their job search with guided help.

Our Outplacement Platform Guides Your Team

LinkedIn Profile


Help your employees get found by recruiters and enter the job market with a polished online image. We'll show them how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile and how to job search through LinkedIn.

Resume Creation


A targeted resume highlights your employees unique skills. We'll teach them how to create their own targeted resume and cover letter. Standing out and speaking directly to an employers needs will yield more offers.

Job Search Strategy


Your transitioning employees probably haven't job searched in a while. We remove their stress by giving them the tools they need to optimize their job search and build an actionable search strategy.

Interview Preparation


Landing an interview is half the battle. The second half? Acing the interview.  We'll teach your transitioning employees how to approach hard interview questions and situations, including behavioral interviews. 

Salary Negotitation


Having lost their job, talented employees may feel forced to accept a lower offer or less than their market worth; resulting in a long-term negative impact. We'll teach them how to negotiate salary based on market demands.

Live Virtual Coaching


Support during a job search reduces stress & yields quicker results. Our platform engages your staff through live, confidential, virtual group coaching. They can ask questions & receive feedback during weekly sessions.

Develop Your Team. Increase Your Brand Image.