Plan. Design. Build Your future.

 Sometimes reaching your goals and achieving your full potential can't be done on your own.  You need a little help, a push in the right direction, a mentor to bounce ideas off of.  

If you've established a solid foundation of experience in resume writing, career coaching, recruiting, talent acquisition or human resources and are striving to hit the next level in your career, you've come to the right place.  We help professionals in our field master the art of human capital and reach success levels they never imagined possible.

Ready To Develop Your Team?

Establish your dominance in the market by creating a first class HR and Talent Acquisition team. 

We'll show you how we can support, retool and build your HR team to drive results, improve time to fill and reduce recruiting and talent development spend.

Let's Get To Work

A Player Career Enablement Professionals

Our Path Led Us Here

What began a decade ago as an internal training platform for our recruiting team,  A Player Career Enablement Professionals, has organically grown into a network of resume writers, career coaches, recruiters, human resource and talent acquisition professionals across the U.S.  

ACEP provides best in class training for industry focused resume writing, industry focused career coaching, elite talent on-boarding and recruiting elite talent. 

Develop Your Recruiting & HR Team

From building competitive, sustainable recruiting programs to innovative on-boarding plans, we teach your HR, recruiting and  talent acquisition teams how to recruit passive candidates, engage current employees and design positive on-boarding programs.

Build Leadership Skills & Confidence

As part of our development program, your HR & Talent Acquisition staff will earn certifications in Resume Writing and Career Coaching within their industry focus. 

A certified team will more easily recognize talent matches. Sharpened leadership and coaching skills will also allow your team to guide talent within, and out of your organization. 


A Player Career Enablment: Member

  • Best in class industry focused training.
  • Professional industry focused certification programs.
  • Shared network; focused on supporting, guiding and mentoring professionals in our field.


Industry Certified Resume Writer: ICRW

Tailored towards industry of members choice:

  • Resume Content Development
  • Keyword Development
  • Marketing Elite Talent
  • Industry Resume Trends
  • Industry Focused Resume Design

Industry Certified Career Coach ICCC Certification seal

Industry Certified Career Coach: ICCC

Tailored towards industry of members choice: 

  • Coaching Elite Talent
  • Strategic Career Pathing 
  • Management & Leadership Development
  • Building On-Boarding Programs
  • Recruiting Elite, Passive Talent